Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks

Facebook is the most popular social network around. There are more than 1.44 billion monthly active users who log in to Facebook daily.

Facebook plays an important aspect in Social Media Marketing. As the reach of Facebook is high as compare to the other networking site, the business house has come on Facebook to market their product. For proper business growth on Facebook, you need to optimize your Facebook presence. Facebook marketing is the most effective way to be close to the clients and increase your business.

According to study 49% present of Consumers like a Facebook page to support Brand. Facebook helps to know your audience which helps to strengthen your relationship with those individual.

Facebook post distribution

Research by Quintly found that Photo  were the more comment type of content posted on Facebook, i.e 54% of worldwide post as compare to other, followed by 30% links and 11% Status update.  It is assumed that Video posting have increase due to change in Facebook technology internally as one can stream live video with just one click. With the help of creative’s Facebook engagement have 62 % increase which is one on the reason you see more Photo Post then Status Post

                 Here are Top things you need to be aware while doing Facebook Marketing.

1. Increase the number of posts – 6 times per day.

2. Use image/ Graphic in your post instead of long post.

3. Engage your audience by conduction contest, Quiz etc.

4. Use #hashtag for reaching out your potential audience.

5. Write informative and valuable content in short and precise manner.

6. Change the style of the update

7. Provide an Inside Look at Your Company

8. Be Responsive To audience quarries

9. Upload videos.

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