9 Things to keep in mind while writing Blog Post

You have a day to day story to tell, but how do you get people to read your Story? There are many ways you can create a blog post for that you need to follow the guidelines and rules. It is not necessary to 1000 words in a blog post.Here are the 9 things one should keep in mind while writing blog post.  

9 things to keep in mind while writing Blog Post

The most important part of a blog post is the headline. You want your reader to find your article easily and simple to search. Picking the title that matches reader queries. The perfect blog post article should be ironic, fun to read or funny that keep reader engaging.

Writing long lengthy paragraph is quite boring for your reader. Unless your blog gives valuable information that the reader is looking for. There is little chance that your blog is going to impress your reader with long Paragraphs.

This is a common mistake because it takes a keen eye to spot when you do it. Do you go from writing “I” to “Us” to “one”? It is hard to spot, which is why you should check each paragraph separately from which perspective it is from.

 Be careful while writing complex spelling which reader are not familiars. Use spelling which is easy to understand readers.

 Add images or video in crucial breaking up to text and keep things interesting. If your are writing informative article use info graphic images or video which helps your user to understand what you are trying to convey to your readers.

Make your article attractive. Mix it up, Always remember to keep your content specific . You even have to take care that there should be no irrelevant data and the content should be original. If your blog is ugly and hard to read, then sure nobody will read it.

Read your blog before publishing. Ensure that there are absolutely no errors in your articles

If you want to stay up to date it is smart to keep track of what specific websites in your niche are writing about.

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